Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyushu University

Laboratory of Protein Structure, Function and Design


                                                                                        -T. Ueda laboratory- 


Our group, the Immunology Laboratory, is involved in a number of areas: Structural Biology, Protein engineering and Immunology.

1.Analyses of protein structures and functions

We are trying to determine the protein structures involved in initiation and regulation of replication in the chromosomal DNA of Escherichia coli and the protein structures involved in immune systems. Moreover, we are analyzing the structure-function of several proteins using X-ray crystallography or NMR spectroscopy.

2.Analyses of protein stability and folding

To improve protein functions, we are carrying out protein engineering of lysozyme, a model protein. Also, to investigate the relationship between primary sequence and tertiary structure, we are analyzing the folding mechanism of the lysozyme.

3.Analyses of immune responses against modified proteins

Proteins, as medicines, are now reaching the market. Naturally, proteins are unstable so, they easily denature to form aggregations. Also some amino acid residues in proteins breakdown easily. Therefore, we are analyzing the immune responses of protein breakdown products. Moreover, we also developing a method for the induction of immune tolerance to overcome undesirable immune responses.




Tadashi Ueda, Ph.D., Professor

Yoshito Abe, Ph.D., Associate Professor  (ORCID 0000-0002-0016-8490)

Mitsunori shiroishi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

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